10 Reasons Why No One is Buying from Your Website

10 Reasons why no oneis buying from your website

10 Reasons Why No One is Buying from Your Website

Are you struggling to sell from your website? You’re trying to make money from your product, but it seems that you are not being found?

If this is you, here are 10 tips to help you improve your website and improve your rankings!

1. You’re Not Driving any Traffic to Your Website

Building a website does not guarantee you traffic. It doesn’t mean that your website will magically appear at the top of search engines and you’ll magically be found. You have to start getting people to your website. And there are several ways that you can do that. The first one I suggest would be running ads.


2. Build Ads around Conversions.

Let’s analyze this through the eyes of an entrepreneur who thought if I just moved to a different platform, everything will be fixed, right? No, the problem was she said she was running ads.
And I said, “Okay, great. Send me a screenshot. Let me look at your ads.” When I looked at her ads, what I saw was she was never sending people TO her website. Really! She was posting a picture of a product and saying, “Isn’t this awesome? You can get it for 25% off,” but then she didn’t have any links back to her website.

When I asked her why she was running an ad for likes rather than for conversion, she said, “Oh, I thought those were cheaper.” Eventually people might buy, but that isn’t helping you in the now.  You very well could spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a like campaign but get zero results. Why? The reason is it’s not sending people out of Facebook or Instagram to your website. It is simply getting buzz on those online platforms. Even if you explicitly tell someone where to go, that doesn’t mean they’ll magically want to go.

So instead of running an ad that is just built around likes, you need to build an ad around conversions.

10 Reasons why no oneis buying from your website

3. Post Content as well as Pictures

This same entrepreneur had another issue when it came to selling on their website – we found when looking at how she was marketing is she was just posting pictures of the product she has on her Facebook page and Instagram and thought that would be fine. She didn’t have any content on some of these pictures! Her friends were like, “Oh, that’s so cute” or “That’s awesome.” And yes, eventually someone might say, “Hey, how can I buy one?” But that doesn’t mean the average person knows that you sell that thing.

We think that our family, our friends, they know what we do. I have thousands of friends and they’ll all buy, but that’s just not true unless we guide them and direct them to where they need to go.

So instead of just posting a picture about the product, you have put some content about how and where they can buy, put a link out to your website. Will it mess up your algorithms to have links? Sure. You might not be seen as much, but those people that do see it will see a link and know where to go to buy. So those types of things are going to help.


4.  Stay updated on Inventory, Links and Contact Information

Another thing about this person, was that she posted all of these pictures of products on her Facebook advertising them, but then when people went back to her website, those products weren’t showing there. She hadn’t kept current on her inventory. She said, “But I’ve spent so much time and money on the products that I want to sell the ones that are there, I didn’t know if I should put both.”

If you have a similar product, put both because when somebody sees something on your social media or in your advertising and then goes to your website and doesn’t find that,
they are going to be turned off from your business. That is going to impede sales. People aren’t going to buy a different product just because you didn’t put the product that they were interested on your website. They might have an interest in something else, but, that might not always be the case.

Be sure that if you sell multiple things that you link out to the correct page, and if you advertise it as available, have it available on your website.

There are some other service based businesses where I’ve gone to their websites and I wonder, “Where are you even located? You have a cell phone number that’s in a completely different state. So I don’t even know if you service my area and yet I found you.”

People are going to be turned off by that. And they’re going to go find somebody else who is more clear and updated on their contact information. So make sure if you service a particular area that you have that in the footer to let people know. So they know if you’re worth their time to look into, and if you don’t, they’re going to quickly leave.

Again, that’s going to hurt your rankings.

10 Reasons why no oneis buying from your website

5. Send them to the Product they were Interested in.

It might seem easier to link to your website home page and think “Oh, well if they were interested enough to click on the link, then surely they’re interested enough to find the actual product for themselves.” While this might be true for a few people, it isn’t true for most people.

We live in an age of busy people and fast technology, where people have no problem moving on or exiting out of your website if they feel it’s not worth their time. The more you make them search for the product they saw, the more turned off they will be with your business. This drives people away, so make sure to avoid doing it.


6. Have a Clear Call to Action

Do you have a call to action? Or do you just have some vague information and some contact information that you hope they find? If you don’t have people coming to your website and being able to stay on that website, they’re just kind of bouncing off quickly because they’re not getting the information they need, or they don’t know where to go. This means you’ll lose traffic or you’ll lose ranking as well.

So make sure add a cart, add a Newsletter sign-up, add a contact page etc. Buttons are really clear to understand, but it is up to you to make sure the contact forms are also really clear. Make it super easy for them.

Always be guiding them and showing them where you want them to go in your website. You have to have some calls to action. People need to know where to go to buy from you or else they never will.


7. Use Good Keyword Strategy

The next thing that I see is, is you’re not using keywords to actually get people to your website. We’ve talked about keywords over and over. I know we always talk about keywords, but keywords are a huge part of why you are or are not successful.

Sometimes it’s because you’re describing something in your terms, maybe a high level term, whereas people are searching a different way for something.

For instance, let’s try to think of a product. Let’s say I’m working with some construction companies right now, and one of the construction companies is very specialized to water and wastewater services. So they service wastewater manholes sewers, that type of thing for municipalities. And what we found on their website is that they had pretty much no keywords whatsoever. The only things that were getting good ranking was if people put their name in specifically, they would be pulled up at the top.

Obviously that usually happens unless your website is really bad. If they put your business name and you come up at the top, but when we searched for what they were ranking for, we found out that it was really for their PDFs, not even for anything on their website, it was PDF links out that were getting them any ranking.

So turning that around and looking at what real people are searching for, we found that that high level words they were using like “assessments” isn’t how people are searching.

They’re searching for “inspections”. So switching the way that they are writing is going to help a lot in getting rankings. Check your keywords, do keyword research. If you ever have questions on this, we have tons of trainings on how to do it yourself. Or you can come to us and we do keyword, a keyword analysis. We pull up blog ideas. We do all of those things for our clients to find what real humans are really searching for. Not the high level stuff that you think they are.

10 Reasons why no oneis buying from your website

8. Be Active on your Website

Sometimes people come to me and I her them say, “I don’t care about my website. People come to me personally to do business anyway.”

This is going to really hurt you in the long run.

I say this statistic over and over again because its so important- Over 52% of people who hear about your business will go to your website first before they even call you. They’ve done studies on this and it is the way that people are trained to work these days. We go online to search out a company. Before we pick up a phone and call, we want to check them out. We are researchers. We want to make sure we’re getting the best deal. We want to make sure we’re work with someone professional.

If your website doesn’t reflect as professional, people are going to leave. When people come and leave quickly, that is just another way to hurt your rankings.

An outdated website is almost as bad as having no website. The reason for this being is, people don’t know if you’re still doing what you do. So maybe you for instance, I had a company who wanted a quote for some updates. They still had holiday promotions from two years ago on their website. That was the first thing that people were seeing when they went to this website. When your website is outdated like that and when you don’t have current blogs or information that shows relevancy to the now, people are going to think that maybe you shut down business.

Make sure you have a plan in place to keep things updated. I really recommend being careful about not having promotions showing on your homepage that are very date specific. Unless you are an eCommerce business that is keeping your site updated all the time. And I would say, that unless it’s weekly or monthly, then you shouldn’t put dates on things. It’s just bad idea.get rid of your

Also, if you haven’t blogged in four years and you only have two blogs, get rid of your blog all together. Don’t show it because it makes you look less credible.

Make sure you keep your website updated at least quarterly, take a look at it, make sure there’s nothing out of date.


9. Have an Appealing Color Scheme

Another part of it is just that your website is ugly or it has colors that are actually repealing people.

Be careful about the design of your sites. It may be that you’re using too much yellow and that yellow hurts people’s eyes, then subconsciously they’re going to leave. It may be that you’re using brown, and people hate brown websites. It doesn’t matter if you love it or not. Most people do not like brown websites and they don’t like a lot of yellow on websites. So be really careful about the design and fix things to make them more appealing.

And don’t just always run to a new platform that doesn’t always fix the problem.


10. Have Testimonials

The next thing that I see that really hurts people when they go to a website and they want to purchase, but they don’t feel confident purchasing from this person is because they don’t have any testimonials on a product. And so that is a huge part of especially eCommerce business.

So those people that want to sell actual products, not just services on their website, make sure you have some reviews on those. That is why Amazon is so huge is because they have so many reviews that people can go and see, how this product has done for anybody else whose bought it.

Is it worth my money to spend on this product?

If you have a product and you have no testimonials, find a way to get some testimonials! Contact past customers, see what their experience was that will help you so much in your business. Those products that still don’t have reviews, they don’t get as many sales, but the ones that do they tend to sell more.

So make sure that is a priority in your marketing plan to get testimonials on your website. Otherwise, people don’t know what to expect, and they’re not always willing, especially on some higher price ticket items to take a chance on the product.


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