3 Tools You Can Use To Spy On Your Competitors Online

Tools to spy on your competitors

Ever wish you could spy on what your competitors are doing online?

Lucky for you, we know just how to do it! Spying on your competitors is as simple as using these 3 tools to get an overview of what is working for them and what is not. And if you use the data the right way, you can use it to outrank them too!

The 3 tools anyone can use to spy on their competitors are:

  • SimilarWeb
  • SpyFu
  • BuiltWith

Watch the video to get a walk through on how to spy on your competitors.

Details are below for those of you who still prefer reading over video!

SimilarWeb and Spyfu are similar website analytics tools that can be used with minimal functionality for free

How they can help you spy on your competitors:

Both sites will show you the keywords your competitors are using.

  • SEO Organic Keywords
  • Web Traffic
  • Similar/Top Competitors Websites

Where they differ is that SpyFu will give you more detail on is:

  • Ads they are using – how much they are spending, exactly what ads they are running and a lot more.
  • Backlinks – who is linking to their site and are they really generating traffic for the site.
  • Revenue value for keywords – think a website is profitable? You may be surprised by what you find out!
  • And it will also give you more ideas on how to use the data in your favor! This is huge!

You can then take the data from these sites to help you see what social media accounts are worth your time to be on and advertising. You can use it to find similar sites to work on backlinks for your website. And most importantly you can see what Keywords are worth your time to focus on in blogging, page SEO, and so much more!

BuiltWith is another favorite tool we use when building websites and helping clients spy on their competitors

Why we use it and how it can help you spy on your competitors is this:

It will give you all the details on how their website was built. It does exactly what you might expect, it tells you where their site is hosted, what platform it is built with, plugins or extra features, and probably way more data about the company than you realized they could get!

How is this helpful?

Have you ever wondered if your competitor is using a particular shopping cart? What widget or plugin they are using for contact forms? What about who they use for email marketing? You can get all this and SOOO much more when you use BuiltWith.com to spy on your competitors websites.

Now that you know what tools you can use to spy on your competitors, go ahead and test them yourself! You will be amazed at all the data out there just waiting for you to find it and use it to your advantage in business!

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