30+ Fresh & Creative Newsletter Topic Ideas for Your Email Marketing

30 Fresh Newsletter Ideas

You know you SHOULD be doing email marketing but for a lot of business owners it seems overwhelming to come up with topics and get everything setup to send out regular marketing, are you one of them?

We get it and understand but our response is always, it is easier than you think if you will take one day to focus on coming up with a content calendar for your email marketing. You can have the year planned out in no time and then it’s just up to you to implement and make it happen.

Email Newsletters Don’t Have To Be Long & Boring

When it comes to email marketing, sometimes business owners think it has to be a big production, I mean some people’s only job is to put together email marketing for companies right? Wrong! While yes, you can A/B test and get it just perfect and pay someone a ridiculous amount of money to do email newsletter for you, we know people do. But sometimes we also overcomplicate the process and make it harder on ourselves than it really needs to be. For the small to medium size business who doesn’t have a huge budget to pay people to perfect an email that will be sent out one time – let’s come down to reality.

Something sent out fairly well and with regularity, is better than a perfect email marketing plan next year!

Have a sale coming up? Great send out an email about it!

Doing some speaking in the community – Fantastic! Send out an email campaign about it!

There are so many ways to make email marketing work for you but the first thing I like to remind clients of is it takes time to get good at this, give yourself some grace and remember something (usually) is better than nothing. If you are just going to be spammy, or annoying, then nothing might be a better option!

Email Newsletters Should Be Informative & To the Point

I don’t know about you but I get a TON of emails, so when I let you into my inbox, what you are sending better be good and it better have a point because I have 30 other emails to get to. If you want to write me a personal letter that details your month of introspection, send me a letter in the mail, I will appreciate that more, unless you are a life coach and then I get it! If as a website designer I sent you a new recipe every month it would make NO sense! Make sure the messaging matches your business.

But Megan, HOW Do I Come Up With Topics For My Email Newsletter That Will Be Interesting & Get Read?

I’m glad you asked!

When I worked for a local company doing their online marketing one thing we realized quickly was our email marketing list was gold. Focusing on growing that list, nurturing them, and giving them what they wanted was imperative to keeping our marketing costs as low as possible – we were even able to cut out pay per click ads and still generate the same amount of revenue year over year by utilizing our email marketing list.

But we had a plan.

And that plan started with coming up with enough topics throughout the year that we never were left wondering what to write about or worse yet, we couldn’t think of something so we just skipped email marketing.

Want to know how we did it?

When It Comes To Email Marketing Ideas, Go For The Low Hanging Fruit First!

What do I mean by that? Think of the holidays and seasons, what relates to your business and how can you leverage that in your newsletters?

If you are a Christmas company, what events or promotions do have around the holidays?

If you are an organizer, think spring cleaning!

Pool builder – summer sales and promotions are your bread and butter!

Get creative and don’t limit yourself to the traditional holidays – there are a number of unique holidays year round that you can probably find something related to your business.

Use Sites Like:




Using these sites will help you get more creative than just having a Christmas sale that you advertise! And remember sometimes you don’t have to have a sale, it could be that you talk about a topic related to these holidays as well. Like Nov. 22 is Don’t Buy Anything day. Promote ideas rather than sales.

Think About Educating Your Audience With Your Email Newsletter

Email Newsletters can be a great way to educate people on what services and products you offer. Teach them about what went in to creating a particular product, how it helps people, what others say about it, and give insider tips on using it. People love this kind of behind the scenes look into products and your business.

And don’t stop at products only, think about other behind the scenes pieces of your business. Are you writing a book? Tell them why and how you hope it helps people. Are you speaking at a conference? Let them know so they can be there to support or learn more after. Are you hiring a new person in your business that will make the customer experience even better? Definitely be sure to tell them all about these things in your email marketing.

There are so many ways you can use email marketing to not only educate but reach your audience

Ever heard, “I didn’t see you advertise that on Facebook”? We hear this ALL.THE.TIME!

Just because you put information on Facebook doesn’t mean people will see it! Facebook’s algorithms choose which content people will see and unless they are checking your page for updates regularly they might not hear about your giveaway, speaking appearance, webinar or sale.

That is what makes email marketing such a valuable tool. If you send it – they are at least bound to see the notification of an email. Now they could delete it before they even open it, but most people still open emails if they sound enticing. And if you keep your audience engaged then they are more likely to open and stay connected with your brand. Email marketing allows YOU to own your audience and make the rules about when people hear from you.

If you are doing a giveaway on social media – tell your email audience.

If you want more followers on social media – tell your email audience.

If you want to give a promotion to social media followers only – tell..you get the idea.

Your email list is a marketing tool that is extremely valuable if you will utilize it.

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Be sure to let us know how these ideas worked for you!


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