5 About Us Pages You Can Use For Inspiration

5 About Us Pages to use for Inspiration

A strong brand is everything today, and in our opinion on your website that starts with your About Us page. We think this is the FIRST area you should work to create instead of the last, because honestly, knowing who you are, and where you want to go as a business, should drive everything you do. So instead of racking your brain to create a mediocre about us page with a few sentences (or paragraphs if you are lucky) that tell your customers NOTHING about your business, try something different by employing the following content creation strategies from our 5 favorite companies that have amazing about us pages. These 5 companies have done something that you can mimic to create real brand loyalty in your business that gets noticed.

1 – Create visual content and don’t be afraid to go in depth!

Face it, people want more than those measly few sentences you were hoping you could get away with for your about us page.

Today, people want to research and see what your company is all about before they invest their money into your product. What is your company culture, did you take the time to give enough information to them or did they “find you lacking?”

Moz is a company that has done a great job of visually showing you their story, they have several pages of About Us type information even, but on every one you get drawn in by the graphics, and the heart that is behind the company they are evolving into. By the time you get through, you will want to be a part of their culture too! You’ll want to come up with your own – TAGFEE Code – to represent where you want to go!

Don’t forget to click through to their TAGFEE page with the links to the side. As well as their jobs section, setting up the company culture right there before someone even sees what jobs are available is HUGE in getting the right candidates in the door!


2 – Use wit and your own personal style throughout.

Take Chubbies Shorts as an example. They created a “We Believe” statement for their about us “page” that they have right on their homepage. They are proud of their beliefs and by the time you are done reading, you will believe in these things too!

Their site reminds us that the standard cookie cutter about us pages that are sterile and boring are for the people who want to get lost in the crowd of the internet, but those that want to stand out from the crowd (and grow their business), need to infuse their site with wit and personality wherever they can.

Even I as a female want to buy a pair of their shorts for these few sentences alone

“We believe in the right your quads have to a life of freedom and sunshine.

We DO NOT believe in the top button – well, we believe it EXISTS, but we don’t believe in the principle for which it stands.”


3 – Stand out from the crowd by using video testimonials rather than just a quick sentence or two.

By integrating video testimonials ChowNow has been able to show a large number of customers that are real and human and they help you want to trust this company! Heck, I want to start a restaurant business now just to try out their software!

Real humans that others can relate to can really help launch your business to the next level. Potential customers are less nervous to invest, they get an open and honest look into your company. Even if it is just one or two testimonials to start with video, give it a go this year and see where this can take you.




Here is another company who went to the effort to really give you a glimpse of their company and what they are all about with interviews from customers. While this took more effort than a standard about us page, the impact goes far in a very personal business like they run.




While the design of their site is nothing to right home about, their video on their home page is truly worth a 1000 words. Maybe someday we can convince them to use our services to upgrade their site!


4 – Be honest, be real.

About us pages can often look like an afterthought. But if carefully planned, as part of your brand strategy, an about us page can set the stage for who you are personally, as a company, and what your customers can expect from working with your company.

Todd Herman’s about us page is in our top 5 favorites of all time (yeah, we should probably get an advertising fee with how often we tell people about his page!). It is witty, but it is so very real and personal. You come away feeling like you really did get a glimpse of the man, and he didn’t hold back or try to put on a show or fake façade. The fact that he tells you things he is great at, as well as things he has failed at, makes him HUMAN and gives a HUMAN connection to his story.

And one of my favorite things is he doesn’t leave it as just an about us page, he highlights some of his stellar content and then let’s you know you can book him for speaking events. Everything leads back to the point of his business (to get more sales) without shoving it down your throat. You WANT to book this guy for a speaking event by the time you are through reading his about us page!



5 – Show your human side and what you stand for.

Life is good is by far one of the most inspiring companies I’ve ever seen. They have Rockstar status in my book. And while they sell cool tee’s and things with great messages, it is the cause behind the product that really drives them in their business.

The visual way they present this is also an easy thing you can incorporate into your branding to show your human elements, and what makes your company different and unique in purpose and mission.

No one wants to purchase from people who only want your money anymore, we want to see that you will care about us as customers, and care about something beyond just yourselves and raking in money.

They inspire me to want to be better, to create my own “Hub of Goodness” someday, and THAT kind of company gets a following that the average company wishes they could get.

 5 About Us Pages to use for Inspiration

So give it a go, find ways to incorporate one or multiple of these elements into your about us pages on your website and see how it will change your business!


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