Does blogging really make money?

Is blogging really worth it

I get it, you’re skeptical and you think blogging may be a waste of time.

You don’t see the ROI yet and after 2 or 3 blogs you’re ready to call it quits.

Well before you do that. I’d like to remind you of River Pools and Spa’s and how they were able to track a ROI of over 2 MI-MI-MILLION dollars from one blog post.

They did it by having a real plan in place to come up with content creation.

They didn’t just throw mud at the wall and saw what stuck, they took it seriously and started finding what people were searching, what their questions were about their products, and they addressed those things in their blogging.

And by strategically doing more than throwing up 2 paragraphs they were able to grow their business significantly in a relatively short period of time.

Now I am not suggesting that they didn’t work at their business or that they were overnight successes from just one blog post, but I AM saying that one of the keys to their amazing success has been from their blogging.

They consistently blog 1-2 times per week.

And this is where the magic has happened for them – consistency and answering questions other people wanted to ignore about their industry.

They address issues customers might expect when they are getting a new pool, they don’t try to hide the hard questions, they are open and honest to a T and it has bought them brand loyalty like no other.

So you may be thinking, “Ok, great, but how does this apply to MY business?

You can replicate the success in your business if you will do 3 things:

  1. Create a content calendar (the right way- and I will show you how)
  2. Stay consistent in your blogging, don’t make excuses for why it can’t happen for you and just do it!
  3. And repeat the process every 12 weeks to create your 90 day focus.

Success in blogging won’t happen overnight, you have to start building your brand, building a following, and stick with it for the long haul if you want to succeed with this method of marketing, but as we learn from River Pools & Spa’s (and many more like them) if you do it right, you will see the success.

Todd Herman is a firm believer in the power of 90 day focus and if you have ever heard of or done his 90 Day Year program you know how that can change your business.

Hubspot, Vertical Measures, Kissmetrics, Moz, and so many people suggest you sit down and make a content calendar.

We know we should, but again, sometimes we think that it’s too much work, we won’t see an ROI soon enough, etc., etc., and we make excuses (myself included).

In my personal research I have found a few systems a little lacking. They tell me to make a plan, post a blog and TADA! You’ll be successful!

What most won’t tell you is there really needs to be more involved in the process or all that time blogging on “whatever you want” really WILL BE wasted time.

This is what I have found in business I have worked for that haven’t seen success. There was no plan, except “write something and hopefully, they will come”.

To make blogging work for you, I believe you have to purposefully plan out your blogging, just like you would a marketing campaign, because essentially that is what it is if done right.

  • You have to come up with a catchy title that will make people want to read more
  • You have to define the goal ***
  • Decide what you are giving away free ***
  • What you are holding back (if anything) ***
  • What your Call To Action (CTA) is for the post ***
  • What sales path the article can lead them down ***
  • Who is the intended customer
  • And frankly, you need to plan out how you are going to market the information in that blog, on multiple social media platforms in different ways so that people will want to learn more ***

And the starred steps are often what regular content calendars lack, the detail and the why behind blogging.

Do you think you would see a change in your ROI from blog posts if you implemented this strategy? I have a feeling you will, and have seen this work well for our clients because it will be centered around a purpose and direction you will be leading potential clients to follow, and when you lead, THEN they will follow.


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