How To Blog & Make It Worth It!

How to blog and Make it Worth It

How To Write A Blog Post – And Not Waste Your Time!

New bloggers are eager to write but often start without a solid foundation of how to blog properly and it can really hurt your website rather than help if you don’t write a blog post correctly. You don’t want to realize months or years from now you were doing it all wrong so let us help you get started on the right foot when it comes to blogging online!

10 Mistakes New Bloggers (and Seasoned One’s Too) Make and How to Avoid them!

Mistake # 1 – They don’t use keywords.

Don’t be overly creative – use words people are really searching for – especially in titles & headings!

Example – “I can see clearly now” vs “What are the best indicators for day trading?”

To do keyword research use tools such as:



Or good ol’ google search

Mistake # 2 – They write content for themselves

If you don’t have a purpose in mind when blogging – don’t clog up internet space imo! Use a journal instead.

Mistake # 3 – They write short 100-200 word blogs because “they don’t like to read long blogs”

You have to play the google game – you can’t just use a paragraph or two. Average wordcount on page 1 google results is 1800 (not 100 people!). Tip – your keyword(s) should be used on average 1x/100 words


Mistake # 4 – They don’t break up text with pictures or headings

A long “term” style blog looks overwhelming. Instead break up your text into headings, use pictures. Write short paragraphs!

Part of the google & human blogging game is using headings with keyword rich content. Headings show importance. Tip – outline your main points & use those as headings. Be sure to use keywords & phrase variations in your headings.

Mistake # 5 – They don’t put content “above the fold”

Too many pictures, or ads higher on your page is hurting you – not helping. Search engines rank pages by relevance – if keywords are farther down a page, they assume it is less important to you. Have your heading then 2-3 paragraphs of content before any pictures!

Mistake # 6 – No lists or bullet points – “0” is the new # 1 on search ranking



Mistake # 7 – They don’t link to other content

Search engines want to see links to other relevant content. Tip – link to your own related blogs 1-3x/article. Link to trusted content partners or facts/data websites 1x/article. Don’t just put a website url in your content, instead have relevant keywords that are hyperlinked.

Mistake # 8 – They are using pictures “they found online”

If you are guilty of this – stop it now! Think copyright infringement! Instead source images from trusted sites where you can buy a license or find royalty free pictures such as:

– Canstock photo

– Adobe stock

– Canva



Mistake # 9 – they aren’t using alt text on photo’s

Search engines don’t know what your pictures are about unless you tell them! Use keyword rich phrases to add alt text to photo’s in your blog.

Mistake # 10  – no calls to action

Blogging takes time – if there is no purpose behind your blogging you are wasting your time or creating an online journal! Create w/ purpose – quality over quantity. Clear calls to action on blogs could include:

– Sign up for a newsletter

– Lead magnets

– Consultations/webinar signup

– Buy products now


If you will blog with these things in mind you will start to make progress with your online blogging efforts!

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