Optimize your Social Media Profiles

Optimize your Social Media Profiles

Social Media and Websites work together!

Using social media should be part of any business plan these days to help you spread the word, build customer loyalty, and brand recognition.

In a social media optimization training we did on Youtube, we take you through actually optimizing your Instagram and Facebook profiles if you are a business, and why each area is important. Don’t get left behind by your competitors because of poorly setup social media accounts.

Here are the 10 ways you can optimize your social media that we discuss:


Brand recognition is key to growing a strong business. Therefore, make sure across all social media platforms, your followers can get to know you and recognize your posts right away by having a consistent profile picture or graphic. Don’t make your followers guess if it’s you!


USE YOUR WORDS (Keywords that is!)

When we thing of keywords, often we are talking about websites, but did you know using the right keywords on your social media platforms can increase your visibility as well?

Be sure to use your Bio & Story areas wisely, search engines are searching social media to find you as well! Fill every possible area you can on your bio and about us sections with the right keywords and engaging copy.



When someone clicks on a link, it’s because they want to find out more. Nothing is more frustrating to people than links that are broken or go nowhere.



Think of your cover photo as a billboard for your business, what could you to to advertise or create awareness about your brand? Try a video, slideshow, and in the description area be sure to add details about your business and links out when appropriate.



I know this seems like a common sense thing but many business owners use their personal pages rather than setting up a business page because they feel like they get better reach.  Facebook wants businesses to pay for advertising, it is how they make money, they are in business after all! So yes, your reach organically isn’t as great as a personal page BUT, if you always use a personal page for business, at some point they could shut your account down if they chose to.

The other thing you are missing out on if you only use your personal page is the ability to check insights, run ads, and track competitors! You want to use your business page! This is also a signal to Google that you are an active business which helps in your search rankings!



When your mom tells you to buy something do you do it?
Not if you’re like me, you shake your head and then do what you want to do!

But what if a friend tells you that you need to buy something or shop somewhere? What if 5 friends tell you the same thing? Are you more likely to do so? Absolutely, it’s called the herd principal. You really might jump off a cliff if enough people were doing it!

Reviews, especially on social media are harder to fake! They are social proof that someone trusts your company.

Get them, ask for them, don’t be shy about getting your best customers to leave you a review!



You’ve seen the people who WAY over use emoji’s and you’ve seen those that don’t on Instagram. Emoji’s break up content for the eye, they catch attention and people are more likely to read what is in your bio if you can catch their attention. Try bullet point or interspersed to see what is more effective for your audience.

Here are two examples:

emoji-use-instagramOptimize Your Social Media Profiles



Ever wonder what you’re doing differently than other successful companies to get interaction?
Pages to Watch is a powerful to get ideas for content.
You’ll see what people are interacting with, and how your page stacks up against competitors.


Have you ever viewed something on mobile that you wonder why the heck someone would use that as a cover photo because half the writing is cut off? Be sure to put important information centered, so it looks good on desktop and mobile.


These sizes often change but as of last time we checked these were still correct.

•Facebook: 200 px x 200 px (allow Facebook to crop to 180 x 180 so you have a full border)
• Google+: 250 px x 250 px
• Twitter: 400 px x 400 px
• YouTube Channel icon: 98 px x 98 px
• LinkedIn: 300 px x 300 px
• LinkedIn Company: 1536 px x 768 px
• Instagram: 110 px x 110 px
• Pinterest: 165 px x 165 px

Facebook Cover: 1656px x 630px – Biz Page
Facebook Cover: 1702px x 630px – Pers. Page
Facebook Group: 1,640px by 859px
Youtube Cover Art: 2560px x 1440px
Banner scales to 1060px x 175px Be sure what shows makes sense!


To Optimize for Mobile –

Center text or make sure it is indented to not lose text on mobile.
Be sure to leave whitespace so buttons stand out.

You can follow along with our video training to make all of these changes on your own social media profiles.

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