The Project

Millett Law Office came to us with a unique idea to create a website that would be a resource for seniors, children with aging parents, and caregivers of the elderly with information from industry experts willing to share on blogs and podcasts. They needed it to focus on getting visitors to 3 umbrella categories with easy to access content. They also planned to down the road have a way to sell templates and or products that could help people with taking care of their mom and dad better as they age.

So we built them a site on WordPress that can expand when they are ready for e-commerce but won’t cost them a fortune in monthly maintenance meanwhile. They can get blogs and podcasts with industry professionals up while they build the other parts of their business. Their site can down the road feature sponsored content when they are ready as well.

How We Helped
  • Website Design
  • Hosting Move

What Jason and Shelice said about working with us:

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