The Project

Mark & Kirk came to us with an outdated website that they wanted to feel more modern, and also to fix things that their last web developer was unwilling to do to modernize the site. They weren’t keeping plugins updated and there were some areas with funky coding or bad responsive design for mobile devices.

We helped them redesign the website on WordPress, and we were able to transfer over old blogs to keep the SEO they had built up over the years, all while improving and updating the branding on the website.

Lead generation was very important to them, and we worked to create simple calls to action throughout that were more prominent so that they wouldn’t get lost in the text of the other site content.

We have continued to help Home Care Assistance Dayton with monthly plugin and software updates. In addition, we are helping them expand short blogs and adding more keywords, content, and images to them each month, so they can continue to improve their already added content on the website.

How We Helped
  • Created a Modern WordPress Website

  • Moved Old Blogs Over to The New Site

  • Help with Software & Plugin Updates

  • Continued Blog Support



What said about working with us:

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