The Project

LJs Cleaning is a website build that we did for another marketing and IT firm in the Valley. They came to us because their clients old website had many hands on the website over the years and it was starting to get cluttered and disorganized. Some pages had absolutely no content on them, others had tons of spelling errors and even Lorem Ipsum still on the pages in places. Employees that had managed the site and payment providers had left the company and it had turned into a bit of a hot mess in places.

We took the core information from their old site and were able to clean up the site and focus the pages on one service per page for better SEO ranking (and customer navigation). They have a wide variety of services so this was very important. We also created more white space, less overwhelming colors, and notices so that the visitors could focus on one thing at a time rather than being bombarded with information.

We helped them fix their e-commerce functions and update payment providers, get images on all products and finish the set-up of the shopping cart fully rather than it being there but not functioning or having people have to fill out a form and wait to get contacted about products.

And also very important, we added correct calls to action throughout the site so that it would be easy to get a quote for services rather than not knowing what to do or where to go next.

And of course, we are all about security, so we also added software and coding to help block malicious attacks.

How We Helped
  • Website Design
  • Hosting Move

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