Monika came to us with an outdated website and also a website on Squarespace that she was trying to make work but wasn't happy with. Photography is her business and she wanted to really show off her portfolio to her website visitors. Other elements we have continued to help her with over the years are also doing Black Friday sales funnels. She was able to book out an entire year in a weekend sale using a funnel that worked well for her.

How We Helped

  • Branding
  • WordPress
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design

What Monika said about her working with us:

Monika Broz Personal branding photographer website redesign

“Megan turned out to be a Genie, a Godsend, and that Special Someone I have been wishing to meet for ages! ❤ Why? Well, she had a vision for ………..MY NEW WEB PRESENCE!!!- something I was avoiding for a loooooong time. I surrendered the entire creative control of the new site to Megan, and MAN she had delivered! Aside from having a fantastic sense of aesthetics, Megan knows all of the boring programming stuff I’d rather not trouble myself with, and is up to date with all of the other logistical issue, like cookies, searchbility, etc etc. She was lighting fast applying a bunch of mini tweaks I gave her after the first and second draft was completed. She even created a mini logo for me with A MANDALA! She was brilliant and so LOVELY to work with. I seriously have a professional crush on this amazing Megan!”

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