The Project


Cerila has been a long-time client of ours and loves change! She came to us most recently with the desire to make her site flow with her new Storybrand marketing plan. She wanted to simplify the messaging and make it about her clients and their needs, vs just being a brochure of what she offers.

We revamped the entire site to a new website builder on WordPress so she could get more functionality for the things she wanted to do with her blog and resources.

Then we helped her change the content to be more customer-centric. We added lead magnets, more video and easier to understand calls to action throughout.

How We Helped
  • Updated Website Builder on WordPress for More Customizable Elements

  • Redesigned Main Pages and Messaging

  • Added Lead Magnets and Email Newsletter Sign-Ups



OYS LLC Home updated

What Cerila said about working with us:

Cerilla Gaillard OYS LLC - Website Design Client

“I have been working with Megan for the past two years. I worked with Megan to revamp my website twice. I like change, and it helps to keep my brand fresh. As a project manager, one of the things I look for when working with contractors is their process. Specifically, How do they take me through their process? Are they organized? Do they listen to what I want? Do they make suggestions to enhance my brand? Do they meet deadlines? This is a biggie for me!

I am happy to say that Megan meets all of my standards over and above. I would not keep recommending her to other clients or friends of mine if she did not. Also, I invited Megan to sit with me on a radio show to talk about, why project management matters, and how she uses it in her business.”

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