The Project

Self Control is a new start-up in the DIY pest control business and they came to us with a great brand plan from our friends at Catapult, a local brand design firm.

They were looking for a website that was built on Shopify and would be easy for them to manage, be able to have customized subscription-based plans, and also answer all the customers’ questions.

It needed to integrate with review software, and be a sales page for their single product. They also wanted to be able to do have marketing software integrated and be able to create discounts easily, so they could run promotions themselves without a lot of hassle going back and forth to a third party every time they needed a change.

Shopify was a great option for them, and with a customized builder, they were able to get the layout they wanted in a fairly short amount of time.

Happy to be on call as their website team for these new website owners as they continue to navigate their e-commerce venture.

How We Helped
    • Website Design
    • E-Commerce Website
    • Review App Setup
    • Customized Subscription checkout
Self Control Pest Homepage

What Self Control Pest said about working with us:

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