The Project

As a web partner for Heidi Pope with Versterken Marketing, we were able to help her client redesign their recruiting website. The original site was very basic, built themselves and didn’t have any wow factor for visitors. It was very underwhelming and needed a facelift to make it more memorable.

We helped them update branding, images and created better landing pages for their 2 main audiences (employers and employees looking for work). They also presented a unique challenge in that we helped them with website translation in Dutch and English so they could better serve their Dutch-based market.

In addition, we helped them integrate their CRM systems, so those searching for jobs can browse their openings that they are recruiting for and submit applications directly on the website using WP Job Manager and BULLHORN CRM. The result is an easier to navigate site that was more memorable with both Dutch and English translation.

How We Helped
  • Branding Updates
  • Website Redesign
  • CRM Integration

Home Page

Search Job Page

What Heidi said about working with us:


“If you want to unlevel your business – Megan is your expert! She’s going to drive your traffic, increase your sales, make a difference on how your customers interact with you! It’s not just about a website, a blog, a twitter account – it’s about bringing them all together to benefit your business. Creating a visual guide for your customer experience. She can help you make your business presence known and develop your website with keyword enriched content to drive social media power to you!”

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