The Project

Kate is a dear client of ours who we work with for many of her own clients. So, when she came to us to help her redo her own website, we were ecstatic to help show the world how amazing she is at what she does as a freelance marketing director.

Her old site was very outdated, and many links weren’t working anymore. It was created when she first got started in business and had her business structure had greatly changed in the years since she started her business, but the website wasn’t reflecting that for her clients. Kate really is the genius behind her business, and we wanted to show that off. Even though Kate doesn’t like to brag on her skills, we have no problem telling the world about her mad marketing skills.

We greatly expanded the main homepage content on the website, and added service pages, a real about page, resources pages with freebies that are important to Kate to offer and of course lead generation options throughout to schedule a consultation with Kate.

How We Helped
  • Website Redesign

  • Graphic Design for Resources


tapas marketing home old


Tapas Marketing Home New

What Kate said about working with us:

Kate Weed - Tapas Marketing

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