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Janiece came to us because she had tried to build her own site using ClickFunnels and instead of a website she ended up with a basic landing page that did nothing for her business.

She had a vision for the type of information she wanted on the site but she wasn’t sure how to execute it on the website.

So the first thing we did was moved her to WordPress, a more cost-effective alternative to ClickFunnels since she wasn’t using it for it’s intended purpose. We made sure her services were easy to understand for clients and that the process of setting up a consultation (rather than collecting an email like on ClickFunnels) was the priority.

In addition, we also helped Janiece take some brand photos of herself that would show her as the smart and confident bookkeeper she is instead of letting her old bosses opinion of her show through in the photos. We then added these to the website as well as created custom graphics showing off what she does with Quickbooks and added all of her certifications and experience so that when clients see her website they know she is the competent, current, and trustworthy

The results...incredible!


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