Setting Up Your Business Personality

Setting Up Your Business Personality

Setting Up Your Business Personality

Have you ever had a hand in creating a business? Either your own or someone else’s?

If so, you probably know that creating the perfect brand or business personality doesn’t just happen overnight, and it definitely doesn’t happen by accident. 

When trying to make your brand personality, it’s important to think about every detail – from the big projects like logo design, all the way down to how you interact with clients and font selection for your graphics or website.

Not only does a strong brand personality differentiate yourself from other companies and competitors, but it sends a message to your clients, it helps them know how to feel when they interact with your business.

Long story short – your business won’t be successful unless you put the time and effort into your branding and messaging.

There’s a lot of work involved in setting up your brand personality effectively. Let’s talk about why this is so essential, and how you can create one perfectly for yourself.


What is a brand?

First thing’s first – what is a brand? In one of our other blogs, “Branding Mistakes to Avoid”, we touched on what a brand is and how creating it correctly can greatly benefit your business. 

However, instead of just telling you the mistakes you should simply avoid, we want to provide you with greater details and dive a bit deeper into what brand creation really involves.

Many people think that a brand is just a logo, but we are here to tell you that this is NOT true. 

Branding isn’t just creating a logo to slap on your content and then calling it good. Although creating a logo is important (and usually a good place to start), there are other things that need to be considered when building your brand. It requires taking a deeper look into what you represent and how you communicate with your audience. 

A brand is made up of your values, how you want to communicate your product to your customers or audience, how you want people to feel about your business, and how you want them to interact with your business. 

When you brand your business, you want to leave an impression on your customers, even long after the sale has been made. 

Like we said earlier, even though a brand is more than a logo, creating your logo is a great way to get started on your branding journey. If you don’t want to start with a logo, that’s fine too! You can instead try starting by identifying your target client, business name, tagline, colors, and overall design. 

These things can help you create a blueprint or outline of what you want your brand personality to look like – it can guide you in the right direction.

Creating a Personality for Your Brand

Creating a personality behind the brand is where we start to dive a little deeper. 

There are many details involved in this process, but luckily it’s not too complicated. When you are trying to establish your brand personality, you should start by asking yourself important questions like:

  • Who is my audience? Who is it I’m trying to appeal to, and why?
  • Are there businesses out there that are similar to mine?
  • What makes me so different?
  • How can I stand out against my competitors, both online and in person?


Find the answers to these questions as accurately as you can. Not only does it help you build your Client Avatar, (your ideal customer) but it also helps you create your mission statement, strategy, business values, business vision, and what you hope to eventually accomplish.


Business Brand

Take time to figure out what your mission statement vision and values are.

It’s a great way to help you learn and understand more about your own business. Not only does it help you see from your side of things, but it gives you an understanding of how your potential clients or customers are seeing your business. People will be able to better understand the ”why” behind what you do. 

After you’ve identified and created your mission statement, mission vision and values, you can take a step or two deeper into the personality of your brand. With these things in mind, it is easier to envision a certain look, voice, or feel of your brand personality.

How do you want your brand personality to feel? Or to put it different, how do you want your customers to feel when they interact with your brand? Motivated? Comfortable? Excited? Relaxed?

Here is one useful trick you can use to stay on track during this process – ask yourself:

If my business came to life and was a person…

  • What would they look like? 
  • How would they talk? 
  • What would they like to do?
  • How would they treat other people?
  • How would they dress?
  • What colors would they be wearing?
  • What fonts would they use or represent?

What do you think? If your brand personality came to life, would that person be warm and welcoming? Or maybe they would be confident and sassy? Quirky and carefree? Give your personality a look and a voice that people will gravitate towards.

If your brand is well organized, thought out, and communicates clearly to your audience, it can increase customer trust. Whereas, if you have a brand that feels sloppy and inconsistent, then your brand personality might come off as untrustworthy.

These tips are perfect for business owners who are ready to create their own brand personality. If you are a business owner who needs extra assistance creating a brand that matches your business, we are more than happy to help!

Contact us now, and let our team of designers, writers, and marketing directors put their experience behind your new venture or rebrand.

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