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How to Use Filmora

I get asked a lot about video editing software these days, and for most new entrepreneurs you aren’t going to need an over the top video editing program with so many options, and so complicated you need to have gone to school to be a video editing engineer to run it!

You will need some basic functions, a little more ability to do some cool functions than you would get with Microsoft’s Movie Maker, and you need it cheap, because, like many, you are just starting out.

That’s where Wondershare Filmora can step in and totally be a lifesaver for the new entrepreneur!

Filmora allows you to cut, splice, add video, photo’s, logo overlays, music, and does it so much better than Movie Maker, that it’s really a no brainer to spend $40 for one year, or spend $60 and have a lifetime license (which is totally a great entry level price without monthly commitments like some other software out there).

For a new online business owner it will be one of the best investments you make and if used right, you can really use it to your advantage and make your money back quickly.

For one of my clients I use it for weekly video editing of their drone flights for their clients and it is perfect for this.

Here is 10 minute training for you on how to get started with Filmora. And if you’re interested you can download the free version to try and see how it works for you before you buy.

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